Heal Your Chakras.  Re-energize and Re-align With Your Inner Goddess

Reiki healing can help you to become more balanced and relaxed as the Chakras are realigned and your vibration increased. 

reiki healing

Are you constantly tired and unable to feel refreshed and re-energised?

Do you want a holistic way of improving your health and reducing stress & anxiety?

Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s.  Reiki is a Japanese word and its literal translation is Universal Life Force.  So the practitioner channels Universal Life Force to do the healing.

It is non-evasive and holistic way of helping the body to recover from illness and imbalances and to also help with relaxation and reducing stress.

Reiki works on the level of the etheric body, healing any unbalanced Chakras.  It brings the whole Chakra system into balance so that the body can heal.

Reiki is not only for helping the body heal from illness it can also be used to heal limiting beliefs and past hurts either past life or in the current incarnation.

Reiki can help with

  • Past life healing
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Reduce Stress and anxiety
  • Help the body to heal physical illness
  • Give strength to the future you

The services that I provide are:

  • Traditional Usui Reiki
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Karuna Ki Reiki
  • Distance Reiki
  • Pet Reiki
  • House clearings

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It’s no secret that having unbalanced Chakras can cause you to have problems with your state of mind as well as your physical health.

In the FREE Guide to the 7 Chakras, learn how to recognise whether you have an over-active or under-active Chakra.  Then you will learn how to balance your Chakras so that you feel balanced and re-energised again.

Learn how things like Yoga and Mantras can help you re-balance your Chakras.  Also learn what Crystals to carry with you and use as well as what Essential Oils can help with your Chakras.

You’ll benefit from having a healthy Chakra system again that can help you to feel balanced as well as help you to attract positive things to your life.

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