Today more than ever it’s important to get control of your health.  But it’s more than losing weight or eating healthy.

Firstly it will help you have more self-confidene being able to tackle problems that life throws at you.  Secondly you will stress less with improved resilience making it easier to cope at work.  And finally you will have balance in your life so that you are living life to the fullest with a fulfilling job or goal.

Benefit from four different programs targetted at your specific needs


 Coaching Programs



Healthy Life Transformation Program

Learn how to turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones.  Save time and money by learning how to eat well and spend less time at the doctor’s with improved health.

Body Beautiful Transformation Program

Learn how to find your lowest liveable weight.  Increase self-confidence and have positive body image so that you love the way you look and look sexy in any outfit

Wellness & Wellbeing Program

Learn how to come to center again by balancing your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Learn what your life goals are so that you can achieve them and live a fullfilled life.

4 Pillars for Mental Health Program

Learn how to improve your mood so that you can best manage your mental health.  Learn what the 4 pillars are to improve mental health so that you have more self-confidence to tackle life’s problems.  Learn the secret to decreasing depression, anxiety and stress learnt from 20 years experience.

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