Neuro-Linguistic Programming Services

      Below is the list of packages and programs currently available for Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coaching 1:1 Coaching Package 3 x session package to get you started on your personal development pathway.  This is a taster for anyone that is interested in how NLP can help them. 8-week program 8-week program that will get rid of anger, fear, shame and guilt, the core emotions that affects all of us.  Then focus in on your core beliefs that you want to release.  For instance, wealth, relationships, mental health or give up smoking. 3hr Breakthrough Session In this 3hr breakthrough session, release the core beliefs that are preventing you from succeeding in life.  Get to the heart of why you aren’t successful in what you want to do with your life. Full Day ‘New You’ Breakthrough A full day of breakthroughs, get through all the beliefs that are holding you back from being the best and most successful you.    

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