NLP & Anxiety & Social Anxiety

Neuro-linguistic programming is excellent and helping treat anxiety and social anxiety. 

Anxiety can come from a number of sources.

Firstly, it can come from fear.  There are a wide range of fears including fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of social situations. 

The amygdala is part of the brain that deals with our fight or flight responses.  When it gets triggered it sends a rush of adrenaline to the body and prepares it to either stand and fight or make a fast and hasty exit. 

Unfortunately, when you have a fear, of say failure, every time that gets triggered it sets of the amygdala making you feel anxious.  But if it gets triggered all of the time it can feel like you’re running away from lions and tigers all of the time. 

Where do these fears come from?  They come from a belief that you formed when you were a child.  At this point the child’s mind is like a sponge and any beliefs that the child has gets imprinted in the brain and you carry it with you into adulthood.

Say you were hanging out with your BFFs at school when you were 6.  Then one day the group says to you ‘We don’t like you anymore.  You can’t hang out with us anymore’.  Then you probably form a belief that no one likes you.  As an adult you would have probably have handled that situation by telling them to ‘f-off’.  But as a child it’s a big deal. 

Or you may have been bullied as a child and you may have formed a social anxiety belief.

The second type of fear is the fear of the future.  Your ‘what ifs’.  When these get out of control it can also produce lots of anxieties.

Fortunately NLP can deal with both of these.  The link between the trigger and the emotion can be broken.  Or you can go into your past and give your younger self the resources they need to deal with the situation, thus changing your time line.

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