Learn how to manifest money without effort.  Manifest the money to live the life of your dreams.

Would you like to learn the secret to manifesting money easily without effort?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could think about money and money just appeared?


We all think about money.  We wish we had the money to buy that house or get the car or go overseas for a holiday.

But do you know that unless you know how to use the Law of Attraction correctly, you can’t manifest what you really want.

Not only that, but what stops you from getting what you want are your negative limiting beliefs, fears and low vibration.

In this 5 day challenge you will learn how to overcome all of these, in order to be able to manifest what you want.

The workshop is on Saturday, 5th September at 1pm AEST.


Who is this for?


The 3hr Money Manifestation Workshop is for anyone that wants to get out of debt and build more wealth.

It’s also for people who haven’t been able to get the Law of Attraction to work some of the time or not at all.

Or maybe you have a business and want to be more successful, bringing in more clients and more money to build wealth.

This is the perfect workshop for you.

What will you learn?


  1. You will learn the secret to getting the Law of Attraction working for you to manifest money.
    It takes certain tricks to getting the law of attraction working.  Learn the specific technqiue for getting the Law of Attraction working.
  2. You will learn a series of techniques to help you manifest money
    You will learn a series of techniques that will help you to manifest money including meditations to remove fear and raise your vibrations
  3. Did you know that it’s actually the subconscious mind that talks to the Universe?  Learn how to utilise the subconscious mind to help you manifest money
    Learn techniques to help you talk to your unconscious mind that will help you connect to the Universe to help manifest what you want.
  4. Drop up to 8 money blocks
    The number one thing that is stopping you from attracting things are your money blocks.  Drop 8 of the most common money blocks to help you get what you want.
  5. You’ll learn how to get the healing energy of the Universe to support you to manifest money
    In order to manifest what you want you need to vibrate at the frequency of the Universe which is Love.  Learn the technique to raise your vibration
  6. Live Reiki healing
    There will be many activities on the night that use live Reiki Healing.


Not only that but there will be many hands on meditations that will help you to drop your money blocks, remove fear and raise your vibration.

Plus benefit from live Reiki healing to supercharge your money manifestation endeavours.

It will be an interactive workshop in a coaching style 3hr session.



You will benefit from live meditations and techniques that you can use at home that will help you manifest money easily and without effort.

You will also benefit from Reiki healing that will balance your Chakras and help you to vibrate at the frequency of Love, the frequency of the Universe.  Love is the most important thing that you need to help manifest money.  Everything else is secondary.

You will benefit from learning from a manifestation coach that has manifested unexpected money from $10k to $50k to the money to quit her job and work full time in the business.


The workshop is on Saturday, 5th September, at 1pm AEST.



The workshop costs $33

kristin hatherley

About Kristin


I am a manifestation coach and I help people remove their blocks at the level of the unconscious mind so that they can manifest money, love and a successful business or career.

I am a serial manifester, manifesting everything from unexpected cash in the order of $10k and $50k.

Before becoming a manifestation coach, I was stressed and exhausted working a stressful 12hr job.

I quit my job to become a manifestation coach, and then manifested resources to start a business, the money to work full time in my business while building it up and my dream clients.

I help people like you to manifest the life of their dreams



What if I can’t make it on the day?

The workshop will be available in the Facebook group.  You will have access to it forever.

I’ve got a lot of blocks, will this workshop be of any benefit to me?

The workshop helps you to drop 4-8 blocks.  These can be money blocks, success blocks, love blocks.  Any block that you think are stopping you from manifesting money.

What if I don’t know what my blocks are?

The workshop is a coaching style workshop, where you will be able to interact with me and the other participants.  We will be able to find your blocks.

I don’t think I have any blocks

Everybody has blocks.  If your parents had a great relationship with money and you had a great relationship with money when you were growing up, then you probably have fewer money blocks than someone who didn’t grow up with wealth.  But maybe you believe you can’t be successful or you have a block around love.  These can stop you from manifesting wealth.

What if I’ve already been to one of your money manifestation courses?

We go over things again but in more depth.  You will learn how to use the techniques that I’ve talked about in other courses.  That is you will learn the technique to remove fear, set a goal, and the right technique to use the Law of Attraction.  Plus we clear many money beliefs. 

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