Learn how to manifest money without effort.  Manifest the money to live the life of your dreams.

Would you like to learn the secret to manifesting money easily without effort?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could think about money and money just appeared?

We all think about money.  We wish we had the money to buy that house or get the car or go overseas for a holiday.

But do you know that unless you know how to use the Law of Attraction correctly, you can’t manifest what you really want.

Not only that, but what stops you from getting what you want are your negative limiting beliefs, fears and low vibration.

In this 5 day challenge you will learn how to overcome all of these to help you manifest what you want.


Who is this for?


  • This training is perfect for people who are banging their heads against the wall trying to manifest money.
  • The law of attraction is only working for you some of the time or not at all
  • You know you have blocks that you need to overcome to get what you want
  • You struggle with anxiety and fear from money problems
  • You are struggling with debt and bills

What will you learn?


  • Learn the secret to using the law of attraction to its fullest capacity – if you don’t know how to use the law of attraction properly, you’re not going to manifest anything. You have to follow the steps exactly in the right order otherwise it’s just not going to work for you.
  • Learn what is stopping you from manifesting money and overcoming this – there are several things that may prevent you from getting what you want, and this includes fear and limiting beliefs. Learn how to overcome these things to get what you want.
  • Learn a technique to help you eliminate one of your fears – Fear is one thing that stops you from manifesting. It lowers your vibration so that you no longer vibrate at the vibration of the Universe.  Using Reiki and a special mediation, you will learn how to get rid of one of your fears.
  • Learn a technique that will help you to drop a money belief – Your limiting beliefs stop you from manifesting what you want. With the aid of Reiki and a special meditation you will learn how to drop one of your limiting beliefs.
  • You will raise your vibration to the frequency of the Universe – In order to manifest what you want, you have to vibrate at the frequency of the Universe which is Love. You will raise your vibration to the frequency of Love through a Live Reiki healing session.
  • Live Reiki healing – There will be many activities on the night that use live Reiki Healing.


This is a hands-on challenge where we will do many meditations to get rid of fear, drop limiting beliefs and raise your vibration.  It is an interactive challenge so that you can get the most out of your learning.

The workshop will be held on Zoom and made available in an exclusive Facebook group.  Meaning the workshop will be available on replay if you can’t make the workshop and it will be available to you forever.


The challenge starts Monday 17th  August 2020, at 12pm (Replay at 7pm)


To sign up, fill out the form below.  After you fill out the form and submit, you will get an email address with the details of the event.  If you don’t receive it, check your spam inbox.



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