Heal Past Beliefs & Hurts.  Manifest Love, Money and Career

Drop blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from attracting what you want in life so that you can manifest love, money and a successful business and career 


Kristin has this amazing talent of bringing clarity to any situation.  Kristin has the ability to break down complex problems and put them in order of necessary priority.  Sometimes we need someone to put us in the right direction and I have found that Kristin has that knowledge, skill and intuition to guide you gently to where you need to start.  It is always a pleasure to work with Kristin as her support has been valuable and genuinely authentic.  There is a calmness in Kristin’s methods that helps you build towards your essential growth.

Sonia - Canberra

Are you having trouble manifesting what you want in life?

Do you want a better love life, more money and better job but just can’t manifest it?

Did you know that in order to manifest what you want in life you have to drop your blocks?

It comes as no surprise that if you aren’t vibrating at the frequency of the Universe then you won’t have that attractive power to be able to manifest what you want.

All your blocks lower your vibration making you vibrate at a lower frequency than the universe, preventing you from truly manifesting the life of your dreams.

My methods make you drop your blocks and increase your vibration so that you return to vibrating at the frequency of the Universe and are more able to attract what you desire.

Levels of Manifestation

Manifest Love. Find the man of your dreams

The man of your dreams is just around the corner.  Remove your love beliefs and relationships blocks to attract him into your life.  Manifest your relationships by removing beliefs such as ‘Nobody loves me’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I am unlovable’. 

Manifest money. Live a life of abundance

The only thing between you and one million dollars are your beliefs.  Attract money into your life by removing beliefs such as ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘I’m poor’, ‘I can’t afford things’, ‘I don’t deserve money’.

Manifest business. Fully book out with your dream clients

You just need to remove self-belief blocks about yourself that are holding you back to attract the clients to have a successful business.  Remove beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I’m not a success’, ‘I can’t have a successful business’.

Manifest career. Attract a high paying dream job

Get that high paying job that you just can’t seem to attract into your life.  Make all the conditions right by removing beliefs such as, ‘I can’t get a job’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy’. 

You’ll find that with my method helps you to

  • Easily manifest. Get what you want faster
  • Simple steps. Not bogged down with the details
  • Remove deep-seated blocks. Find that things manifest quickly and easier to your life
  • Remove blocks in 20 mins. Save time and effort
  • Raise your vibration with Reiki. Vibrate at the frequency of the Universe
  • Balance the Chakras. Attract things automatically into your life without effort
  • Remove past-life beliefs. Heal at a deeper level

Receive all of this even though

  • You’ve tried everything before but nothing’s worked to attract things.
  • You’re out of balance with your Chakras
  • You don’t know what the Law of Attraction is
  • You’ve never done anything woo woo before


All you have to do to start living the life of your dreams is to book into a discovery session TODAY

TODAY is the day to change

Click below to book your free 1 hr Healing Session



1:1 Healing Session – $300

Individual attention to heal a block in 1 hour or to gather your thoughts as to what blocks you need to drop in order to get the life that you want.


3hr Money Manifestation Session – $450

In this 3-hour session, remove 2-3 money blocks that are preventing you from manifesting money and wealth and feeling abundant.


6 Session Money Manifestation Session – $1500

The only thing between you and 1 million dollars are your money beliefs.  In this 3 month money manifestation program, get rid of all of your money beliefs as well as the base emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt that are hindering your ability to manifest.


3hr Breakthrough Session – $450

In this 3-hour session remove the base feelings of anger, sadness, fear and guilt, that are hindering your ability to manifest what you want.


6 Session Manifestation Program – $1500

Get a tailored program to help you remove the blocks to help you manifest love, career or business, or anything else that you want to manifest.  Starting with anger, sadness, fear and guilt, remove all your blocks such as, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy’, ‘I don’t deserve love’, ‘I can’t get a job’.



Everyone wants wealth and abundance. You want more money and more of the things that make you happy and less of the bills and debt that you may be currently experiencing.

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? It’s all about the abundance mindset. Having abundance and not having abundance is the difference between attracting the life of your dreams or staying stuck in debt. You need to feel abundant to attract abundance.

Once you know the secrets of the abundance mindset and how to attract abundance you will be able to attract what you want 24/7, without effort, and get closer to the life of your dreams.

Download the FREE Ebook now to discover how easy it is to get the abundance mindset.

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