Master your mindset. Make more money in your spiritual business


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make more money in your spiritual business?

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the blocks that are preventing your from wealth and abundance?

If you believe that you can’t earn money as a spiritual business owner, you are wrong.  This is a limiting belief.  Limiting beliefs are lies that you’ve been telling yourself since you were younger.

Another limiting belief that you might have is that to be spiritual you have to give up on physical things.  But this is not true either.  Everyone deserves to be abundant and have wealth.

Money is not bad, it’s not the root of all evil.  It is an energetic exchange that you need to provide your services.

You can earn money and still lead a spiritual life.  The universe is always giving abundance you just have to know how to attract it.

And it can be easy.

There’s no reason why you can’t be earning a 6-figure sum in your business.  The only thing that is stopping you are your limiting beliefs.

In Make More Money in Your Spiritual Business – Manifestation & Mindset Mastery Masterclass we look at mastering your mindset.  We go through your limiting beliefs and bust them and come up with new beliefs that are soul-aligned that helps you to be abundant.

This allows you to unblock yourself so that more money can come into your business.

We also look at manifestation techniques and how you can use them to attract money into your business.

The benefits are that you will be to attract more clients into your business and grow your business bringing in more money so you can start building real wealth.

What you get:

  • 90 min workshop in mindset mastery and manifestation
  • Free copy of ’10 Steps to Attracting Abundance’ plus the Abundance Training value ($35)
  • Complimentary 1:1 coaching session (value $150)
  • Workbook
  • Access to a private Facebook Community

And you get all of this for $19.


The Masterclass is on Saturday, 26th September, at 1pm AEST.



The masterclass costs $19

kristin hatherley

About Kristin


I am a manifestation coach and I help people remove their blocks at the level of the unconscious mind so that they can manifest money, love and a successful business or career.

I am a serial manifester, manifesting everything from unexpected cash in the order of $10k and $50k.

Before becoming a manifestation coach, I was stressed and exhausted working a stressful 12hr job.

I quit my job to become a manifestation coach, and then manifested resources to start a business, the money to work full time in my business while building it up and my dream clients.

I help people like you to manifest the life of their dreams



I can’t make it at the time of the workshop

No worries.  The workshop will be live streamed to the Facebook group.  You have access to this for life.

I’ve done one of your workshops before.  Is this different?

This workshop is completely different to other talks and workshops that I’ve presented before and is focused on the Spiritual Business owner

I have a lot of limiting beliefs about money.  How will this workshop help me?

In this workshop we go through many of the common beliefs that a lot of Spiritual business owners have and come up with new beliefs.

Plus, if you want, you can spend your free 1:1 coaching session getting rid of a limiting belief if you want to.

I’m not sure of my limiting beliefs.  How will I know them?

I will give you a technique for discovering your limiting beliefs so you will know how to overcome it.

I’ve done manifestation before will I learn something new?

There’s always something new to learn, in whatever field you go in to.  Come with an open mind and you’ll get something out of it.

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