Have an Easily Maintainable Healthy Lifestyle.  Never Fall Off the Wagon Again

Through a proven strategy of nutrition, mindset and habits, gain all the tools that you need to live a healthy life that is easily maintainable and you’ll never fall off the wagon again.


Kristin is a genuine, caring and empathetic health coach.  She approaches her coaching with common sense and practical knowledge and really makes an effort with her clients
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It’s a fact of life that in order to live longer and not get sick we need to be healthy today.  But if you’re like most people, you fall into the trap of unhealthy eating and not exercising.  For instance using Uber eats more than once a week because it’s convenient.

You see, the reason why we do these things is not because of a lack of motivation, but the habits we have.  If we change these habits we can easily change our lifestyle.

Not only that but our health is dictated by what we eat.  Plus you will feel unconfortable in your clothing no matter what size you are if you don’t have high self-confidence

Three Keys to Success

Put health on autopilot with habits. Be healthy with minimal effort

Learn how to put your habits on autopilot by adding healthy habits into your life.  Actually motivation is a limited resource so having habits means you’ll have more energy after work and for the kids

Gain control of your thoughts. Have killer confidence

Learn how to change your mindset to change the way you feel about yourself.  Feel sexy in any outfit in any situation

Take control of your eating. Eat what you want when you want

Learn how to gain control of your thoughts and emotions so that you are no longer comfort eating.  Manage your weight and have more self-confidence with your new unbreakable self-worth.


What can you achieve through Health Coaching?


  • Know where you’re going in life.  Have a plan for the future – You’ll be able to know what you want in the future and have the action steps to get there so that you feel empowered and fulfilled in life.
  • Put health on autopilot with habits. Be healthy with minimal effort – Put healthy eating and going to the gym on autopilot so that you have time to focus on family and pursuing your interests.  You’ll know that you’ll never fall off the wagon.
  • Take control of your eating. Eat what you want when you want – Learn how to stop binge eating to eat what you want, when you want and manage your weight
  • Find comfort in a pampering bath with candles. Not food – You’ll be able to manage your weight so that you feel body confident and look good in your clothes
  • Stress less.  Enjoy everyday life – Everyday life will become easier when you have increased resilience.  Learn how to reduce stress through proven techniques.
  • Look and feel good in any outfit – Look and feel good in your clothes and have body confidence when you reach your lowest liveable weight.  Easily maintainable when you follow my principles.
  • Take the hassle out of eating with a personalised meal plan – Save time and money knowing what to buy in the shops.  Know that you will have the skills to eat healthy all the time
  • Learn how to eat and what to eat. Take the hassle out of figuring it out for yourself – Know that you can eat whatever you want and easily maintain your weight and not feel guilt and shame.
  • Have a great workout and increase endorphins – Know what exercise to do for optimal health and to manage your weight
  • Have killer confidence to get any job or start any relationship – Increase your confidence in yourself so that you feel good about your body.  Confidence flows over into all parts of your life.
  • Feel sexy in your bikini with improved body confidence – Be body confident in any outfit and increase your overall self-confidence to achieve any goal in life
  • Take control of your thoughts. Be the best that you can be – Your new positivity will influence all areas of life.  You will know that your weight doesn’t determine who you are


You will be able to achieve this even if

  • You don’t have time
  • You’ve never stuck to a plan before
  • You think it’s too hard
  • You work long hours and with the kids you don’t have enough time to meal prep, cook dinner every night or exercise
  • You’ve fallen off the wagon in the past


We make it easy for you with

  • Local sessions or Zoom conferencing
  • Putting your health changes on autopilot with habits
  • Easy exercises to incorporate into your life either in the gym or through incidental activities
  • Reliance on habits and not motivation to reach your health goals
  • Easy to follow meal plans that you can cook in 20 mins or less that both you and the kids will like (for any food intolerances) including minimal food prep.


This is achievable from as little as the cost of a 1:1 Gym PT session.  What more could you ask for?



Q: What is a Health Coach?

A:  A health coach is someone that has training in nutrition and health to help people improve their health to get the most out of life.


Q:  What if I don’t have time? 

A:  There is always time in the day.  The sessions are one hour in length and at a time that suits you.  It can be at any frequency that you like:  once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

Q:  I don’t have the money to spend on coaching. 

A:  I offer a payment plan for paying off the coaching sessions.  Pay up front and get a savings of $100 or choose between a 3 month plan or a 6 month payment plan. 

Q:  I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked.

A:  I have a tested and tried health plan that can help you to improve your health and mood.  Without structure and a plan it’s very easy to fail. 


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