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It’s no secret that in today’s society it can be hard to stay healthy.  For example long hours at work, looking after the kids and today’s convenient lifestyle (like Uber Eats) make it challenging to stay on top of our health.  However, what happens when comfort eating and stress take over? Or feeling self-conscious of your body? You know it’s time to make a change.  But how?  Isn’t it difficult to change?  Not at all!  If you have the right tools it’s easy to change.  The first step is to have a Health Audit.

Of course having a Health Audit will tell you everything you need to know about your health and lifestyle.  With our unique Health Barometer you can get an idea of what needs to change.  And with the tips that you get you can fast track your health so that you get unshakeable self-confidence and feel good about your body.

The audit will:

  • Measure your level of stress
  • Assess the food that you eat
  • Measure the amount of exercise that you do
  • Determine how many calories you need for successful weight management (it’s different for everyone)
  • Find out what unhealthy habits you currently have that you can modify

In addition you will also receive tips on how to improve your health.  You’ll learn:

  • How to combat comfort eating so that your weight will stabilise
  • How to add exercise to you routine so that your stress will lower
  • How different macros can affect your weight so that you’re eating the right foods
  • How to improve on your diet so that you aren’t over eating
  • How to improve mental health & reduce stress so that your resilience will increase and you are better able to deal with life
  • The secret to health & successful weight management


Not to mention you will receive an easy to follow blue print to health so that you can leave feeling empowered to take the next steps to better health (Value $37).  This blue print will map out how to go from feeling unhealthy to having indestructible health.

Plus you will receive a FREE 30-day meal plan with recipe booklet to kick start your health (Value $97).  These are the exact recipes that I use to train for powerlifting.  So you know the meal plan works and are tasty.


NOW is the time to change

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