Learn How to Get Out of Overwhelm. Take Control of Your Life

Holistically gain control of your mood and mental health with a PROVEN strategy of improving diet, exercise, thoughts and beliefs.

Kristin is a genuine, caring and empathetic health coach.  She approaches her coaching with common sense and practical knowledge and really makes an effort with her clients

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It can be hard sometimes just surviving when you have a mental illness.  You don’t feel like leaving the house and you constantly have a date with Netflix.  You comfort eat to cope and put on weight and cooking is the last thing on your mind.  But by doing this your health suffers and you feel worse everyday.

But did you know that you can drastically improve your mood by eating well and exercising?  You will also be able to maintain your weight long term.  And if you put in habits you won’t even have to think about trying to be healthy giving you more time to spend on self care.

A Health Audit is your first step to learning how to improve your mood holistically through nutrition, exercise and mindset.

In the health audit you will:

  1. Learn how to improve mood through nutrition and exercise and stop comfort eating
  2. Learn about your thoughts and how to take control of them so that you don’t go into negative spirals
  3. Remove one limiting belief that is triggering your emotions so that your mood becomes more stable.

Learn How to Stop Comfort Eating and Improve Mood. Feel good and lose weight

One way of getting out of overwhelm is by improving nutrition.  Nutrition improves mood by increasing the production of happy hormones making you feel good.  Learn what to eat to improve mood so that you can get out of overwhelm.  Plus take control of comfort eating and manage your weight.  You don’t need a degree in Nutrition, just common sense.

Learn How Thoughts Affect Mood. Get Out of Negative Spirals

So often you get stuck in thoughts going round and round in circles.  This can often lead to a negative spiral making you feel depressed or anxious.  Learn what thoughts are making you have a low mood. Learn proven techniques to get out of the negative spiral to get you out of overwhelm.  This works even if you’ve tried everything before.

Change Your Mind With Transformation Coaching. Let Go of Fear and Finally Have Peace

Underlying your thoughts is a negative limiting belief.  Using Transformation coaching you can remove a negative limiting belief that is triggering your anxiety or depression.

What you will receive for FREE (Total Value $410)

  • FREE 60 min coaching session (Value $200)
  • Workbook (Value $37)
  • Health Map ($Value $27)
  • Improve your mood Blueprint to Better Health (Value $49)
  • Mood improving 28-Day Meal Plan with shopping list and recipe book with 20 min or less recipes (Value $97)

NOW is the time to change your mental health

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