Understand the language of your unconscious mind.  Move forward in life

By doing dream analysis, you can understand what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you and be able to make changes to your life so that you can move forward.

Kristin has this amazing talent of bringing clarity to any situation.  Kristin has the ability to break down complex problems and put them in order of necessary priority.  Sometimes we need someone to put us in the right direction and I have found that Kristin has that knowledge, skill and intuition to guide you gently to where you need to start.  It is always a pleasure to work with Kristin as her support has been valuable and genuinely authentic.  There is a calmness in Kristin’s methods that helps you build towards your essential growth.

Sonia - Canberra

Are you constantly dreaming of the same thing over and over again?

Are you interested in what your dreams could mean?


The language of the unconscious mind is symbols.  It talks to us through symbols in our dreams and loves it when we talk back to it with stories and metaphors.

A misconception that people have is that someone can read your dreams for you.  It is simply not the case.

The symbols in your dreams are specific to you.  Only you know what they mean.

For instance, there was a period in my life where I was dreaming of cats all the time.  What does a cat mean to you?  Does it mean wild instinct?  Or apathetic?  To me a cat symbolises love.  And in my life, it meant that I had to focus on healing love in my life.

Dreams represent some unconscious feeling of what is going on in your life at the current moment.  Are you anxious about getting a job or is your relationship not working?

As your dream symbols are specific to you, I help you to understand what your dreams mean through coaching.

Through the coaching process we go through each aspect of your dream to understand what it means to you so you can get a picture of what the dream means.

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It’s no secret that having unbalanced Chakras can cause you to have problems with your state of mind as well as your physical health.

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