Become Your Successful You.  Create Success in All Aspects of Your Life

By learning how the mind works become your successful you and take control of how you create your successful life


Kristin has this amazing talent of bringing clarity to any situation.  Kristin has the ability to break down complex problems and put them in order of necessary priority.  Sometimes we need someone to put us in the right direction and I have found that Kristin has that knowledge, skill and intuition to guide you gently to where you need to start.  It is always a pleasure to work with Kristin as her support has been valuable and genuinely authentic.  There is a calmness in Kristin’s methods that helps you build towards your essential growth.

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Creategenics is a framework of success and achieving access.  Through changing belief patters you can change reality and create your future so that you can achieve success in any area of your life.

You might be thinking of becoming a manager.  You might achieve this in 5 years’ time, or you may never achieve it because of your insecurities and fears.

Creategenics speeds up the process by giving you the experiences and beliefs that you need in order to become the successful person that you want to be.

Creategenics can also be applied to Manifesting.  By applying the Creategenics success framework to manifestation, you can be a designer in your future.

Imagine manifesting through will because you are 100% responsible for what you manifest, and you are co-creating with the Universe.

Creategenics can also help with finding your soul’s purpose and designing your path in life to achieve your goals.

The framework is made up of six parts.  The first four for success coaching and the last two for manifestation coaching and spiritual coaching.


  • Process of becoming – Who do you need to become in order to achieve success?  If you want to be a manger or CEO, Creategenics changes your beliefs so that you ‘become’ a manager and ‘CEO’ and are able to have these experiences
  • Change Reality – By changing your mindset you can change how you perceive your reality.  This is because your view of the world and your preconceived ideas and your beliefs shape your reality and how you experience the world.
  • Create your future – By changing the past you can create your future.  Changing your past means that you change the beliefs that you formed in your childhood so that you are free of them and can have a new future.
  • One mind, one body – The mind and body are interlinked.  A problem with mindset can affect the body.  By changing your mindset, you can have a positive impact on the body.
  • Co-create with the Universe – You co-create with the Universe by taking 100% responsibility for yourself
  • Tap into Universal Wisdom – You are a reflection of the Universe and can tap into it’s wisdom through your intuition.


To find out more about success coaching, manifestation coaching and spiritual coaching click on the links below.  



It’s no secret that having unbalanced Chakras can cause you to have problems with your state of mind as well as your physical health.

In the FREE Guide to the 7 Chakras, learn how to recognise whether you have an over-active or under-active Chakra.  Then you will learn how to balance your Chakras so that you feel balanced and re-energised again.

Learn how things like Yoga and Mantras can help you re-balance your Chakras.  Also learn what Crystals to carry with you and use as well as what Essential Oils can help with your Chakras.

You’ll benefit from having a healthy Chakra system again that can help you to feel balanced as well as help you to attract positive things to your life.

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