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Going from attempted suicide to no symptoms for over 10 years (even though Kristin has an incurable mental illness), learn from someone who’s been in your shoes and succeeded

I have been suffering from bipolar and anxiety my entire life.  From the age of 11 my mood was either so low or so high, I couldn’t get any stability.  After a break up in 2006 I became depressed and had a complete nervous breakdown.  There was one day that I hit rock bottom and I sat in my car crying thinking that I couldn’t go on anymore.  But at that point when I couldn’t go on, I saw something in the car.  It was a spark, so small, the size of a grain of sand.  And I grabbed it and held it and what it was was hope.  With that tiny spark of hope I made a decision then and there in the car that I would do everything humanly possible to not be depressed any more.

Then I started my journey on health and fitness.  I knew that if I could get my health in shape then I could change my mood.  After 4 years of trial and error I overcame depression and mania.  Anxiety continued to be a problem.  I discovered NLP.  In a single session of NLP I got rid of 30 years of anxiety.

That was 10 years ago and I haven’t had any depression and mania since.  i also don’t suffer from anxiety or stress.  

I decided to become a mental health coach and NLP practitioner so that I can use my experiences of what works to help people suffering from stress, anxiety and mental health issues holistically improve their health and mood through nutrition, exercise and mindset training.

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