Improve Mood and Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Overcome Overwhelm Today

 Over 8 weeks learn the tools that you need to overcome overwhelm by working on your nutrition, exercise, mindset and beliefs with a qualified health and NLP coach

It can be hard being in overwhelm.

You get stuck in negative thoughts that you make you feel terrible.  But then these feelings produce negative thoughts and you can stuck in the loop and can’t get out.

But did you know that the best way to get out of overwhelm is with a plan and strategy?

Over 8 weeks, be guided and coached as you learn how to improve your mood through nutrition, exercise and beliefs.

Plus remove limiting beliefs that are triggering your emotions and improve your self-worth.

All in an action-packed 8 weeks that will assist you to get out of overwhelm.

During the 8 Weeks You will:

  • Take comfort from warm bath with candles. Not food – You will take control of comfort eating by making changes to the mind through Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and learn other things to substitute it with.
  • Learn resilience to cope with stresses at work. Stop crying in the bathroom during breaks – Learn techniques to help you cope with stress so that you can handle pressures at home and work.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with the pressures of working from home. It’s ok that home is hectic right now with work and kids – Find yourself again and learn technques to reduce stress so that you can cope with life at home during Coronavirus.
  • Feel good about yourself. Finally have the confidence and energy to leave the house – Increase self-confidence and improve mood so that you can face a day out in the world.
  • Improve mood and feel calm at night. Get a good night’s sleep – Improve mood through nutrition and exercise and learn to take control of your thoughts so that you can have a sense of calm.
  • Get a personalised 28 day meal plan. Spend your valuable time watching Netflix instead of in the kitchen – We sit together to make a personalised meal plan with food that you want to eat and your kids will enjoy too.


8 Week Program


Week 1 – Discovery & Goals – We will learn all about you and what your problems are.  We will take a look at your health, what you are eating and what exercise you are doing.  You will set some short and long term goals and actions for both the next 8 week and beyond.

Week 2 – 5 – Beliefs – Over 4 weeks, remove your most common beliefs that you have for yourself that are triggering your emotions so that you can finally live the life that you deserve.

Week 6 – Nutrition & Exercise – How to eat, what to eat & exercise – Learn the basics of nutrition and exercise so that you are not only improving mood but can manage your weight as well.

Week 7 – Habits – Without habits you are wasting your time and money.  Put your habits on autopilot so you no longer have to worry about being healthy

Week 8 – Self-Confidence – If you have negative thoughts about yourself or your body you probably have low self-worth.  Start loving yourself and removing negative thoughts by improving self-worth and increasing self-confidence.


Easter Special


Was $1600 now $1200

For a limited time purchase the program for $1200 (was $1600).  There is a payment plan of $330 per month over 4 months.

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