8 Week Transformation Program


The 8 week transformation program is what you need to stop yoyo dieting and give up dieting for good.  It combines good nutrition with 8 weeks of coaching.  Eat what you want when you want.  Eat as much food as you want.  Eat real whole foods.  There are no restrictions (we’re not joking – eat cake if you want).  How is this possible and not put 20kg on?  A new scientific method for weight management known as intuitive eating has surfaced which has the power to stop a person from binging on unhealthy foods and breaks all the old dieting rules.  Plus the program also uses latest scientific findings in metabolism, weight management and nutrition to get results.  We focus on body positivity to get you loving the skin that you’re in and to find your sexy again.  This is not a miracle plan, it is science.

This program is perfect if

  • Diets haven’t worked for you in the past
  • Want to stop yoyo dieting
  • Want to be able to eat anything that you want
  • Want to stop binging on unhealthy foods
  • Want to love the skin your in and feel sexy
  • Want to stop feeling guilt and shame every time you eat food     

How is this different from diet programs?

  • You don’t need to starve yourself
  • You can eat whatever and whenever you want
  • You can eat as much food as you want
  • You don’t need to eat 600 cal to get results
  • No restrictions
  • Carbs and Fruit are in

This is not a miracle plan, it is science.


8 Week Transformation Program Outline

The 8 week program is divided into 8 weeks.  Each week covers a different topic.  It is designed to free you from dieting and to stop you feeling bad about your body.


Week 1 – Discovery

Week 2 – Meal Plan

Week 3 – Goals and Actions

Week 4 – Body Positivity

Week 5 – Intuitive Eating

Week 6 – Nutrition

Week 7 – Habits & Comfort Eating

Week 8  – Review




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