Product Options

I offer a range of products depending on your budget that will get you to where you need to go.  It is a combination of 1:1 sessions, group sessions or purely online.  I also offer individual and packaged deals.


8 Week Transformation Program

Eight weeks of 1:1 sessions to help you manage your weight.  The 12 weeks includes a 12 week personalised meal plan and workbook.  The 12 weeks is broken down into 6 week blocks.  The first 6 weeks deals with mindset including limiting beliefs and comfort eating.  The second 6 weeks is the transformation phase dealing with nutrition and how to eat to maintain your weight.   

Group 8 Week Transformation Program

Eight weeks of group sessions to help you manage your weight.  The group plan has the same content as the 1:1 sessions but the sessions are in a group format with 2-3 people.  It includes a 2hr 1:1 discover session with a meal plan and 1 x 1hr meal plan session at 6 weeks.   

4 Week Stress and Wellnes Program

This 4 week mini program deals with Stress and Wellness and can help busy executives manage their stress levels.  It is 4 weeks taken from the full 8 Week Transformation Program

4 Week Mindset Program

This 4 week online mini program with mindset only and can be the kick start that you need to reach your goals.  It is 4 weeks taken from the full 8 Week Transfomation Program

Meal Planning

Meal Planning outside of my programs.  Great if you’ve recently come off one of my programs and want support in healthy eating or if you just want to be pointed in the right direction.

Individual  Consultation

Individual 1:1 Consultation can be selected as a single session or packs of 3.  Perfect for a kick start to your goals or to problem solve a specific problem

Pantry Audit & Shopping Trip

You can book this for me to come into your home and have a look at your pantry and help you decide what to keep and what to throw out to kick start your new healthy life.  I will also spend 45 mins with you at the supermarket to show you how to choose healthy items

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