4 Pillars for Mental Health & Stress Program

A 12 Week program designed to improve your mood and mental health.  Designed for anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or mental illness

Do you want to improve your mood even though you’ve already tried everything before?

Do you want to gain resilience so that you can tackle any problem in life?

How to Improve Your Mental Health So That You Can Live a Happy Life


Think about your life 1 year from now.  You’re managing your mental health.  Also, you’re feeling positive and you have control of your thoughts and emotions because you have a positive mindset.

Not only that but you’ve ended a dead end job and started a fulfilling career because you know your goals.

You don’t suffer from stress and anxiety anymore because you have the tools in place to cope with any of work or life’s problems.

You know that you’ll never go back to your unhealthy ways because you’ve got healthy habits.

How?  You decided to take 12 weeks out of your life to get your health sorted.

No matter what anybody tells you, it’s never too late to get your health sorted.  You just need a plan and a strategy.  This holds for any goal.

Based on 10 years of trial and error and over 20 years’ experience in mental illness, learn the secrets and tools you need to improve your mood so that you have the best hope of managing your mental health.

Not only that but your confidence and resilience will improve too so that you can handle any problem that life throws at you.


Three Keys to Success:

4 Pillars of Mental Health & Stress

Learn the 4 pillars that underpin successfully supporting your mental health that will improve your mood to give you the best hope of managing your mental health.

Exercise & Nutrition

Learn how exercise and nutrition can be used to improve mood


Put your health on autopilot by instilling healthy habits and never fall off the wagon.

You will be able to achieve success even if

  • You think it’s too hard
  • You’ve never been able to stick to a plan before
  • You’ve had someone call you broken
  • You don’t have enough time to cook food or exercise


We make it easy for you by

  • Local sessions or Zoom conferencing
  • Dependency on habits rather than motivation to produce results
  • Easy to follow meal plans that can be cooked in under 20 mins
  • Easy to follow exercise plans that can be incorporated into your daily life
  • Scientifically proven methods to improve mood


The 4 Pillars for Mental Health & Stress Program Outline


Taking into consideration the 4 pillars for successfully improving mental health, the program is divided into 12 weeks, all designed to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

The topics for the 12 weeks are:

Week 1 – Discovery

Week 2 – Goals and Actions

Week 3 – Meal Plan

Week 4 to Week 6 – Mindset

Week 7 – Habits

Week 8 – Nutrition & Exercise

Week 9 – Comfort Eating

Week 10 – Stress & Resilience

Week 11 – Self-Confidence

Week 12 – Review

Breakdown of the 4 Pillars for Mental Health & Stress Program


Week 1 – Discovery – To begin with, you will find out what aspects of your life are out of balance.  This session will form the basis of the 8 weeks so your program will be personalised.  Find out what the 4 pillars for mental health are.

Week 2 – Goals and Actions – Find out what your goals are and what would make your life fulfilling.  This could be 1, 5, 10 or lifetime goals.  Know that every goal is achievable, you just need a strategy and a plan.

Week 3 – Meal Plan, Nutrition & Exercise – Have a 12 week meal plan designed for your based on what you like and what you want to eat that will help improve your mood and give you better quality of life.

Week 4 to Week 6 – Mindset– Learn why you really have anxiety and mental health issues and learn about the mindset that you need to have to manage your mental health. 

Week 7 – Habits – Put your health on autopilot by having healthy habits.  Not only will you eat healthy and exercise without effort but you will be able to manage your weight too.

Week 8 – Nutrition & Exercise – Two of the core pillars is nutrition and exercise.  Learn what to eat and how to eat and what type of exercise you should do to manage your mental health.

Week 9 – Comfort Eating – Learn when you comfort eat and remove the triggers for eating. 

Week 10 – Stress & Resilience – Even though stress is important in some circumstances, prolonged stress has the effect of raising cortisol in the body which can lead to illness and even weight gain.  Learn the tools to manage stress and improve resilience so that you can ride life’s waves.

Week 11 – Self-Cofidence – Learn to love yourself and have more self-confidence

Week 12 – Review – See how far you have come in the 12 weeks.  Come away with an action plan to instil in your life after the program has ended.


All you have to do to improve mood is to book into the program TODAY

TODAY is the day to change

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Q: What is a Health Coach?

A:  A health coach is someone that has training in nutrition and health to help people improve their health to get the most out of life.

Q:  What if I don’t have time? 

A:  There is always time in the day.  The sessions are one hour in length and at a time that suits you.  It can be at any frequency that you like:  once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

Q:  I don’t have the money to spend on coaching. 

A:  I offer a payment plan for paying off the coaching sessions.  Pay up front and get a savings of $100 or choose between a 3 month plan or a 6 month payment plan. 

Q:  I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked.

A:  I have a tested and tried health plan that can help you to improve your health and mood.  Without structure and a plan it’s very easy to fail.    

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