When I was still working in IT, I got this one job.  At the interview it sounded fantastic.  The managers were excellent.  When I asked them how important team was to them the responded, ‘It’s like my family’. 

I was blown away.  I wanted that.  I wanted my work colleagues to be like my family. 

I happily accepted the job and started the week after.

But when I started my heart sank.  I had to work 12-hour days, there was really high stress.  If we missed a deadline it would have cost the company $5 million dollars.

But no one knew what they were doing, and the team lead was weak and had no idea how to lead. 

I came in one day and no one was there.  I waited until 9.30am, then the Manager brought me into her room.  I thought this has to be bad.  And it was.  She had fired everyone.  And I was the only one left.  So, I had to do the work of 3 people!

I was so stressed out.  I ended up having a nervous breakdown.  I was crying in the bathroom at work, crying at home.  It was pretty bad.  At the same time, I found NLP and some techniques to deal with stress and got over my nervous breakdown.

Now I don’t feel stress anymore.  I just feel a little bit of pressure now.  No more anxiety.  No more shaking.  No more crying in the bathroom.

So how did I manage to overcome a nervous breakdown and stopped feeling stressed for good?  I’ll show you below.


Stress and COVID


It is a stressful time at the moment.  Now we have COVID to deal with.  There is so much uncertainty. 

You don’t know who has had it and you get stressed going to the shops.  At the shops you look suspiciously at other people and ask yourself, ‘Do you have COVID?’.

Then you find out there was someone with COVID at the shops.  Then you’re stressed out about whether you have COVID or not.  You wait nervously for the results but are lucky not to have the virus.

However, you may or may not have a job.  You might be on Jobkeeper or Jobseeker.  But time is running out for these.  You’re stressed about getting a job.

Or you have a job and you’re stressed about keeping your job.  With second waves happening you may not have a job in the future.

So, you can see how stressful this time is.  What techniques can help you to feel a little less stress?


3 Techniques that help with stress




Mindfulness is a great way for helping with stress.  There have been times were I’ve been so stressed out to the point of panic attack.  5 mins of Mindfulness gets me down from full blown panic to calm.

Mindfulness is easy to do.  It is about being in the now.  And you can be mindful with anything you do – cooking dinner; brushing your teeth; going for a walk.

All you need to do is to concentrate on the senses.  When going for a walk feel your feet on the pavement, feel the wind touching you, hear the sound of the birds.  And while you do this, allow the thoughts to just come and go.

The app that I use, Headspace, describes it like this:  Imagine you are sitting by the road.  Your thoughts are like the cars.  Don’ focus on any particular car and just let the cars flow along.

Once you become really good at Mindfulness, you can stop the thoughts coming in in the first place. 

Mindfulness reduces stress because it removes the focus from your anxious thoughts of the future to the present.  It reduces your heart rate, and the rate of your breathing.

It lowers your adrenalin and your cortisol levels.

Give mindfulness a try.  It will definitely help with your anxiety. 




Self-care is another way to help with stress. 

Nobody’s perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  And sometimes things don’t go to plan.  But that’s ok, you did your best.

And if things don’t work out, there are always other options.  Things are never always black and white.  There are always contingencies in place.

So give yourself a break.  You’re probably being too hard on yourself.

The best way is to care for yourself.  Take time out for yourself.  Give the kids to your partner and get a massage or a facial.  If you’re looking for something low cost then get your nails painted or take a bath with candles.  There’s always something you can do for yourself.

And this really lowers your stress levels, because you are focused on you.  And you’re giving yourself the attention you deserve.  Away from the stresses of life you can just relax and let your mind settle.

Take this feeling of self-care back into life and know that you can always retreat to looking after yourself. 


Removing fear technique


Stress normally comes from a fear of something in the future.  But this could have it’s roots in something from the past, like fear of failure or fear of running out of money.

This type of stress requires a little bit more than thinking yourself stress free. 

It requires a change to your internal programming.  That is your limiting beliefs. 

Here is a meditation based that you could do that will help overcome the anxiety. 

Removing fear meditation

Firstly, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

Now remember a time that you felt anxious or stressed.  A specific time.

See what direction the energy of anxiety is flowing in.  Is it in an anti-clockwise direction or a clockwise direction?

Now imagine red arrows spinning in the direction of the energy.

Take the energy, the arrows and the feeling outside of the body.

Now spin everything in the opposite direction and turn the colour of the arrows to blue.

Bring the arrows and the energy back into the body and you should notice that the anxiety and stress is gone.




These are three techniques that you can do to help you manage stress and anxiety.  But there’s one final thing that I have to say that will make the stress go away.  Stress is a choice.

Yes, that’s right, stress is a choice.  You can choose not to be stressed out.  But how you say?  I’m always stressed out!  You can choose not to be stressed out.  Because you are 100% responsible for your emotions. 

This was a game changer for me.  I’m no longer stressed out because of it.  Things will always turn out.  Take a deep breath and let the stress go. 



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