It’s all part of adulting isn’t it?  Having a job.  Something that all of us have to have.  But there’s a lot of you that don’t have your dream job.  You’re slaving away in a 60 hr a week job, with people you hate, and I boss that makes you want to cry all the time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Did you know that you can have anything you want?  If you know how you can attract your dream job easily and without effort.


Believe that you can get the job


People think that I am so lucky that I can attract any job that I want.  Actually, the last time I applied for jobs, I got offered 4 jobs at the same time, which is every single job that I applied for. 

It’s great to have so many options available that I can just choose the one that feels right for me.

But how do I do it?  How come I can get every single job that I apply for that I want to get?

Well, firstly I have the belief that I can get any job that I apply for.  This is not just a thought that I think when I apply for a job.  This is a deep-down unconscious belief.  Which formed with the very first job that I got.

In my first job, all I did was ask my friend if her dad was looking for anyone.  We had the ‘interview’, which was just lunch, where they tried to convince me to join them.  Then they said can you start on Monday?

So, my first job was easy.  So, not only do I have the belief that I can get any job, I also believe that getting a job is easy.

Now, if you’re having troubles getting a job, you could have the belief that ‘It’s hard to get a job’.  Or ‘No one gives me jobs’.  Or ‘I can’t get a job’.  If you have these beliefs then as your belief says, it’s hard for you to get a job.

So, you have to change your beliefs.

Sound easy?  It takes time to change a belief.  What you need to do is to have an affirmation that you will get a job, and repeat it, over and over again.  Write it in your journal, say it out loud.  When you have the negative thought that you won’t get a job, say you will get a job even louder than the negative thought.  This will overwrite the old belief.

Next you need to be in a state where you can attract your job.


The law of attraction


Through out my career I’ve gone from one amazing job to another.  I normally just change jobs because I either get bored of a job, or want to learn something new.  I haven’t left because I’ve hated my job. 

So I’ve always been in an excellent state to attract a job.  Because the law of attraction is like attracts like, if you love your job, you’ll attract a job you love.

That’s great but I hate my job, I hate my colleagues and I hate my boss.  It you have this mentality and you go looking for a job you’ll attract the same thing, another job you hate.  Or even worse, you could lose your job. 

You need to find something that you love about your job.  And the way to do this is to be grateful.

To be grateful, write in your journal.  Journal about all the things that you are grateful for about your job.  If you really hate your job, find other things besides the environment that you like. 

Are you grateful that you have a job because so many people don’t have one?  Are you glad you get paid?  Do you like the fact that you get out of the house?  Do you like that you can get a coffee next door any time you want?  Do you like the stationary? Find the small things that you are grateful for.

Hold onto this feeling of gratefulness.  Do a gratefulness meditation.

  1. After writing all the things that you are grateful for in your journal, keep the feeling of love and gratefulness in your heart.
  2. Expand this feeling of gratefulness and love through your entire being
  3. Expand this feeling out into the city, state, country and entire world
  4. Expand the feeling out into the entire universe.
  5. Become passive and see everything that you want being attracted to you.

Finally, during the interview, you need a way to be able to speak without getting nervous. 


Being successful in the interview


I am never nervous during an interview.  Partly because of my belief that I can always get a job and getting a job is easy. 

The other thing that I do is a channel during the interview.  I don’t channel angels or guides but my unconscious mind.  I turn off the conscious mind and let the unconscious mind do the talking.  Because it knows all the answers and knows what the panel of interviewers want to hear.

When you’re in an interview, no doubt you probably um and ah a lot and get nervous and struggle to answer the questions in the interview.  That’s because the conscious mind is telling you bullshit things like, ‘I’ll never get the job’, or ‘how will I get this job I don’t have any of the skills’, or ‘nobody will hire me’.  All stuff you don’t want to hear when you’re trying to go for an interview.

So how do you channel during an interview?  Well, you just need to shut off the conscious mind.  Make it’s voice go really quiet and just open your mouth and speak.

When someone asks you a question just start talking.  Let it flow.  Don’t censor or question what is coming out of your mouth, because it is write.  Don’t think, ‘Oh I shouldn’t have said that’, or ‘OMG what I said was wrong’.  That’s just the conscious mind trying to derail you.  Shut the conscious mind off. 

 And I can’t stress this enough.  Practice!  Practice being in the interview.  Get your friends to ask you tricky questions and practice having the interview.  You know what they are looking for in the job, so rehearse saying your job history.

When I go for an interview, I spend hours in preparation.




Getting a job can be easy as long as you have the right beliefs.  Make sure you use your affirmations to overwrite, ‘I can’t get a job’, to ‘I can get a job’, and other positive thoughts.  Make sure you’re in a state to get a job.  Love your job and you’ll get a job you love.  And finally to get the job, make sure you turn the conscious mind off when you’re doing the interview and you’ll get the job once you get the interview.



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