There was one day that I talked to my friend that I hadn’t seen for 12 months.  She had seen a talk that I had given about attracting abundance to your life.  I was a guest speaker at a summit of all female speakers. 

She said to me ‘Jeez Kristin you’ve really changed.  You were so confident in your talk’.  I did feel confident.  But it hadn’t always been that way.

You see, what my friend didn’t see during that 12 months that we had been separated, was that I had undergone massive transformation.  I found Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that year.  I became an NLP practitioner and an NLP Master practitioner.

I am so skilful at NLP that I can do many of the important techniques on myself that remove limiting beliefs and collapse anchors. 

This has allowed me to drop many beliefs.  Including the beliefs that I had cleared with other NLP practitioners and the ones I did on myself I would have cleared at least 100 beliefs in the 12 months that I hadn’t seen my friend. 

100 beliefs that included things like confidence and authenticity.  I am so confident that I can do anything that I want.  What used to make me overcome with fear and back into a corner and cry was no more.  One of the more significant changes was being able to speak in front of a group of people where in the past, I used to shake uncontrollably, and my voice would break up.  Now I give presentations without any problems.

And even more significantly was my fear of being authentic.  It had stopped me from being my true self and my friends never saw the real person.  But now I don’t give a shit what people think about me and I am free to be the authentic version of me. 

So how did I achieve this?  Besides NLP, what was my secret to all this self-confidence and lack of fear?  My secret is Journaling and shadow work. 




Journaling is a great tool for getting out of your head all the shit stuff that you’re holding onto that eats you up inside.  Say you got home, and you had a bad day. Then you had an argument with your partner.  You could write about how you feel and the things that you didn’t say that you wanted to say.

It gets out all the emotions and thoughts that are going around in your head and onto paper.  Then it’s easier to logically look at what you are thinking to see that what you are thinking that is not correct, and it releases the emotion that you are experiencing.

It is a great tool for stress relief and to move through anxiety.

There’s no right or wrong to journaling.  Just writing what you’re thinking is enough.  Or you could use journaling prompts to help you write down your thoughts.

When I journal, I can write down all the negative emotions that I’m feeling.  And when I feel that something is blocked in my life, like I can’t lose weight or I don’t feel like a good enough psychic, I write that down.  And then I write down all the limiting beliefs that make me think or feel that way. 

This is the key to transformation: identifying what your limiting beliefs and emotions are.  And then working on it.


Shadow Work


The work that I do on my limiting beliefs and emotions is Shadow Work.  The Shadow Self is all the unresolved issues and emotions of the past and the negative limiting beliefs that are holding me back.  I spend a lot of time in the Shadows, digging around, shining light on the beliefs that don’t serve me. 

I am a Shadow Worker.  I want to be a shining light.  A reflection of the light of the Universe.  And I can do that by removing all my negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

It’s key here to remain objective and not get caught up in the emotions because working in the shadows can drag you down.  You touch emotions and beliefs that can trigger you.  And you can fall fast into the depths of the Shadows.  And the Shadows can overcome you and you can find it hard to get out back into the light.

But I feel the emotion and I transmute it.  I turn the lights on in the Shadows.

How can you get into the Shadows and work on yourself? 


How to transform thoughts and emotions into positive ones.


First you need to transfer positive feelings into your journal.  Hold your journal up to your heart and transfer love into your journal.  Do this every time you start journaling.    

Using your journal, write down the emotion that you are experiencing and leave it there.  Investigate why you are experiencing that emotion.  Transfer your emotion onto the paper and as you write it down and let the journal change to a positive one.    

Then, journal about what you are thinking and find the thought that is triggering the emotion.  Because there will always be a trigger.  Write down what that is.  If it’s a limiting belief write that down and discover more about that limiting belief and why you have it and where it came from. 

And then from your self-discoveries from journaling, write down a counter thought to that negative thought or belief.  A positive thought.  This is your affirmation. 

Now what you need to do is write this affirmation frequently in your journal.  You need to make it stick.  Write the affirmation over and over again.  Fill up two or three pages.  You need to transform the old negative thought into a positive one.    

And over time the positive thought will overwrite the negative thought, and you won’t experience it anymore.  You will have worked in the Shadows and turned on the lights.  And the things that were once scary and caused you to have fear and anxiety will not be there anymore. 

As you can see Journaling combined with Shadow work is great for transforming your negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones and shining light into the dark recesses of your Shadow Self. 

I turned the light on my limiting beliefs and emotions for the last 12 months and I can’t wait to see what I’ll become in the next 12 months.    




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