One of the most important things for a mother is feeding your Baby.  Breast milk is complex and scientists are still discovering it’s composition.  It contains proteins, carbs and fats, digestive enzymes, fatty acids and amino acids and more.  Breast milk can aid your Baby against infections and inflammation as it contains many antibodies and cytokines.  As you can see it is a complete food that aids your Baby’s development.  However the composition of breast milk is only as good as what the mother eats.  In this article we shall look at 5 foods for lactation that you need to eat to help with the production of breast milk and your Baby’s development.  These should definitely not be removed from the diet when trying to lose weight.


Foods for Lactation and Baby Development


Protein – Is very important.  It assists in the production of antibodies and amino acids important for tissue growth.  Good sources of protein are eggs, lean meat, chicken, and fish

Wholegrain Bread – Wholegrain bread has numerous benefits.  Studies have been shown that it protects against heart disease in Adults.  It is also important for the protection against Diabetes.  Bread contains the vitamin Thiamine, a B-vitamin.  Thiamine plays an integral part in energy production and the production of Breast milk.

Chicken – Chicken has many vitamins and minerals.  One in particular is Niacin which is a water soluble B Vitamin.  This means that it is not stored in the body and must be eaten from the diet.  Niacin is required for lactation.

Fruit – Fruit is packed full of vitamins and minerals.  It is low GI and low fat and makes a perfect snack.  Unlike the myth, you will not put weight on when you eat fruit because it is low GI.  Fruit contains the vitamin Folate and is important for the neuropsychological developement of your Baby.

Eggs – Eggs are important not only because it contains protein but because it contains the vitamin B6.  B6 is important for the production of protein.



Breast milk is a complete food and is everything that your Baby needs.  One thing is that you don’t need to go on a special diet (eg eat more calcium).  You just need to have a  balanced diet that covers all basis.  If you need any help with foods for your baby please let’s have a chat and we can go over what you need (go to here).





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