When I was doing my rounds of dieting long ago, I went on this fantastic diet and fitness program. I lost the weight. But inevitably like all diets, they don’t work long term. I put the weight back on. The nutrition plan was not based on any science and it got us to do things like go low carb and pair macros (which has no scientific backing). One other thing was they asked us to give up fruit. ‘It has too much sugar!’ they said. I love fruit. It was hard giving it up. ‘You’ll get fat!’. I believed them at the time. But since doing nutrition I’ve changed my mind and I now binge on fruit. How can I do this without putting on 100kg of weight? Well, the question is will I gain weight if I eat fruit?


Fruit is Low GI

You won’t put weight on if you eat fruit. Period. Fruit is low GI and like all low GI foods, they protect against diabetes. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

How is it so that we can’t put weight on when we eat carbs. When we consider this we have to think about the structure of the fruit. The fruit contains fructose, a sugar. Fructose has the highest sweetness of all the sugars. Fruit also has fibre. Fibre is a complex carbohydrate made up of long chains of carbohydrates. In the presence of fibre, the GI of fructose is lowered because it takes a long time to digest. So the blood sugar levels are not spiked when we eat fruit.



What About Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is fruit that has been dehydrated and the water removed. It still contains all of it’s fibre. However, the sugar is a little bit more concentrated. It will lift the blood sugar levels a little bit. It is a moderate GI food so eat in moderation.



Drink Juice to Put on Weight

How will I put weight on? If you remove all the fibre and drink the juice. Juice is sugar water. In a glass of juice might be 4 oranges. Sugar in this concentration will spike the blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar levels are spiked, it causes the body not to burn fat and to hold on to fat. This is how the weight gets stacked on.


So you can see that fruit is your friend. Enjoy it in all it’s glory. It is so delicious, especially cold. I still can’t believe fruit is so healthy for you after being brainwashed for so long that fruit is unhealthy. I binge on fruit now, knowing that it’s all low fat and low GI.

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