I started reading ‘Just Eat It’ by Laura Thomas as I was interested to find out more about intuitive eating.  Intuitive eating is a new method of weight maintenance that focuses on the body’s natural hunger and satiety cues.

The Diet & Thin Culture

Thomas goes into detail about society’s diet culture.  Diet as we know is big business.  Global expenditure on diet pills, diet modification programs and fitness in the billions of dollars.  Diet culture has been going on for decades but has been getting worse over time.  It requires women to match the ‘thin ideal’, something that is only achievable by 5% of the world’s population.  Most people don’t have the genetics to look like the models that we see on the runway or in movies.  However this hasn’t stopped the media or global corporations from making us feel bad enough to buy into the illusion.

What people don’t understand is that models in the cover of magazines and movies are digitally enhanced.  The models are made to look perfect, without blemishes and unnaturally thin.  They have been selling this to us for decades.

Intuitive Eating

In ‘Just Eat It’, Thomas provides the reader with an alternative to dieting called ‘Intuitive Eating’.  This method has had much Scientific research.  You stop dieting altogether and use the body’s hunger and satiety cues to regulate how much to eat.  We have gone into detail on how dieting does not work in previous posts (see article on restrictive diets) and that restrictive dieting causes binge eating.  Intuitive eating breaks the loop between diet restriction and binge eating.  It is hard to do (it took me 4 months without a method) but Thomas outlines the steps to be able to do it.


‘Just Eat It’ is a fantastic read for anyone who is interested in Intuitive Eating and outlines all the steps necessary to achieve it.  It was great to read for something that I had done myself without any guidance laid out for someone who doesn’t know what to do.  If you follow her steps it would be no doubt in my mind that you could achieve a state of ‘non-dieting’ and having no fear of what you eat and not needing to calorie count.



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