Nutrition + Live Coaching = A Weight Management Plan With A Difference


Combining the latest scientific research in nutrition and healthy eating with nutrition and weekly coaching comes a Weight Management program with a difference.  Our method of weight management is scientifically proven to work.  The coaching and nutrition is done by a qualified professional teaches you the tools to stop yoyo dieting and does not leave you to fend for yourself unlike other health and fitness programs.  

Subscription to the plan works out at 62c per day (January special) and is cancel at anytime. 

Achieve your goals in a month or stay with us for 12 months for a full lifestyle change.

Who is this for?

  • You’re tired of stacking on 10kg everytime you finish an 8 week challenge
  • You want to stop calorie counting
  • You want to stop feeling guilt and shame everytime you eat something
  • You want to be able to eat anything you want without being worried about putting weight on
  • You want to stop dieting
  • You want to love your body and feel sexy in clothes

#1 Secret That the Health & Fitness Industry Don’t Want You To Know:  Diets Don’t Work

Think about how many diets you’ve failed

Dieting vs Healthy Eating

The latest current scientific research shows that dieting doesn’t work.  In the NHMRC’s (the largest scientific body  in Australia) guidelines ‘The Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity in adults, adolescents and children in Australia’ sent to GPs states that dieting ‘while being maximal at 6-12 months, is most often not permanent’.  In fact studies show that body has a mechanism in place to keep the body in homeostasis through hunger hormones and changes in the brain’s neurochemistry

So what does work?  Current scientific research shows that a focus on healthy eating instead of restrictive eating is what is necessary for effective weight management.  This program utilises this current scientific research. 

Introducing the ‘Love My Body’ Program

Combining Live Coaching & Nutrition To Finally Love Your Body 


No more thinking about what to eat every night.  The meal plans take the hassle out of figuring out what to eat every day.

Meal plans are curated by an accredited health and nutrition coach that change every month delivered direct to your inbox.  The macros are carefully measured to make sure that you are getting the right proportions of each food group everyday.

Allergies and intolerances?  We’ve got you covered.  Join our facebook group and get online support.

Vegetarian meal plans to come in Feb 2019


Live weekly coaching  by an accredited health and nutrition coach specialising in weight loss nutrition.  Learn the tools that you need to successfully manage your weight to stop yoyo dieting, choose the right foods and get into the right mindset for long term success.  Learn body positivity to love your body.



Scientific researchers determined that a VO(2max) of between 55 and 72 was the best for fat oxidisation.  That’s just a lot of words to say that moderate exercise is best for burning fat. 

This means that if you are currently briskly walking everyday, cycling to work or with the kids, swimming, running after the kids everyday, then this type of aerobic exercise burns the most amount of fat compared with any other type of exercise.

It is said that effective weight management consists of 80% diet so if you are exercising less than this you may still experience results.


Supportive Community of Women & Online Support 

Join our Facebook community and connect with a group of supportive women that have your back and are there for all your ups and downs.

1:1 Coaching

Upgrade to 1:1 coaching to recieve personalised coaching sessions via zoom to get to your goals faster for an additional $99 per month

 Your Coach

Kristin Hatherley is a recognised and accredited health and nutrition coach with a certificate of weight loss nutrition receiving her qualifications from Cadence Health College.

Five years ago, Kristin weighed 90kg.  Depressed and unhealthy she decided to turn her life around and lost 30kg by a combination of healthy eating and walking up hills.  She is an inspiration for all of us and shares her wisdom on the Live calls and 1:1 coaching sessions.  Her compassion helps women to learn how to live healthy and love their bodies.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that this program will work for you that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

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