Kristin Hatherley Canberra Health Coach

Kristin Hatherley is a premier Canberra Health Coach.  Focusing on mindset transformation through Body Positivity to transform the way you think about yourself.  Body transformation can be done using intuitive eating to get to your minimum liveable weight within the range of your genetically predefined weight. She has experience with helping people who are yoyoing with their weight and are having problems with dieting through holistic health.   She also has experience dealing with people that are in high stress positions.  As a Canberra Health Coach, coaching is a passion of Kristin and would like to share her knowledge with others.  Click below to see the range of services.


12 Week Transformation Program

With my proven and successful 12 Week Transformation Program I can help you realise your goals and dreams.  This program covers what others don’t – mindset.  With good mindset and a nutrition plan I can help you with your weight management.  I can help you in person if you are living in Sydney in my clinic in Sydney or via video conferencing if you live elsewhere.  Click below to see my range of products

What Is Health Coaching?


Health coaching is a gentle way of promoting health for a life long life style change.  The aim is for the client not returning to old ways or yoyoing through good habit formation and mindset training.  The client is in control complete control of their diet and what habits to fix in order to meet their goals.  

As a Canberra Health Coach, I can also see people from all parts of Australia using zoom teleconferencing.



Key Transformations

Find Your Lowest Liveable Weight

Learn how to effortless manage your weight by working within your genetic weight range.  Feel comfortable in that bikini, clothes and confident in your body.

Stress & Anxiety

Learn how to enjoy life more with techniques that reduce stress and anxiety.  See improvements in relationships and enjoy hanging out with friends and family without worrying about work

Break Habits

Learn how to use habits rather than motivation to reach your health and fitness goals.  Easily maintain a healthy diet for life and go to the gym (even if you’ve had a long day or busy with the kids)    


Learn how easy it is to choose what foods to eat to be healthy.  Save time and money knowing what to buy with food that both you and the fussy kids like

Comfort Eating

Learn how to replace comfort eating with dopamine rich activities like meditation.  See improvements in your mood and feel good. Increase your resilience so you can cope with life’s problems.


Zoom Conferencing

Have coaching at a time and location that suits you.


Learn how changing your negative thought patterns can change the way you think about yourself.  Have unshakeable confidence.  Be positive with your body.  Have new meaningful relationships.


Body Positivity

Learn to have unshakable body confidence and feel great in any outfit through body positivity.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy in our Canberra Health Coach Practice is to promote health and wellness through healthy eating and holistic health.  This is to support women’s self esteem, positive body image and confidence.

We want to support you making the right decisions for your health so that you can enjoy food and not worry about calorie counting or what you are eating.  Food should be enjoyable not a reward or punishment.

From the outset Kristin was extremely professional and thorough in determining not only my current eating habits but how I could make sustainable changes to my diet that fit with my lifestyle.
She prepared high workable meal plans which incorporated the foods that I enjoyed but combining them with more of the food groups that were missing, in recipes that look delicious and easy to prepare.
Kristin made excellent suggestions of things that I could supplement into my diet that would prove minimum effort but have a big impact on my health.  I was delighted with the service that I was provided and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Kristin!
Sarah - Sydney

Free 60 min Health Audit

To help kick start your health, for a limited time only, I’m offering a FREE 60 min ‘Health Audit’, to assess your current health (Value $250).

Consider this.  You’ll see where your health is now with our unique health barometer benchmarking system.  Furthermore save time and money and spend more time with friends with the expert tips to make changes to your health.

In addition you will be given an Action Plan that will save you the hassle of figuring it out for yourself.  And this Action Plan is also personalised (not generic) which means that you’ll know that it will work for your specific needs and lifestyle.

That includes no fluff – this is an actual consult – so I’m not wasting your time.

PLUS you will receive a FREE 30-day meal plan with recipe booklet (there’s also a Vegetarian version) (Value $97).

NOW is the time to make a change, but hurry before the doors close.

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How does meal timing and meal composition affect dieting?

We have talked about in previous posts how the body always wants to maintain homeostasis.  On a calorie restricted diet it does this through metabolic changes including reduced energy expenditure and increased hunger and cravings.  Ghrelin the hunger hormone produced by the hypothalamus is also increased

How Biology Affects Weight Gain In Dieters

Statistics show that the long term rate of regain of weight after diet is high.  In scientific studies it has been shown in the US, individuals that have tried to lose weight, only 20% of them have been able to achieve and maintain a 10% reduction in body weight over a year

Does Eating A High Protein Diet Lead to an Increase in Body Fat?

In order to test the hypothesis that protein gets turned into fat, researches took a sample of 25 healthy individuals between 18 and 35 years of age from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana community in the US.  

Does Eating By Your Blood Type Work?

Blood group O has a diet high in protein and low in legumes and grains.  Blood group A is a meat free diet based around fruit and vegetables, legumes and grains.  Blood group B has a diet high in green vegetables eggs, certain meats and low fat dairy.  Blood group AB has a diet high in green vegetables, seafood and dairy. 

Restrictive Dieting Causes Overeating

You made a successful attempt on your 8 week body transformation program this year.  You did all the exercise and ate everything that was on the plan.  Three months later, you've stacked on 10kg.  What might be a mechanism behind this?  Overeating from restrictive...