Kristin Hatherley Canberra Health Coach

Kristin Hatherley is a premier Canberra Health Coach in Body Positivity and Intuitive Eating.  She has experience with helping people who are yoyoing with their weight and are having problems with dieting through holistic health.   She also has experience dealing with people that are in high stress positions.  As a Canberra Health Coach, coaching is a passion of Kristin and would like to share her knowledge with others.  Click below to see the range of services.


12 Week Transformation Program

With my proven and successful 12 Week Transformation Program I can help you realise your goals and dreams.  This program covers what others don’t – mindset.  With good mindset and a nutrition plan I can help you with your weight management.  I can help you in person if you are living in Sydney in my clinic in Sydney or via video conferencing if you live elsewhere.  Click below to see my range of products

What Is Health Coaching?


Health coaching is a gentle way of promoting health for a life long life style change.  The aim is for the client not returning to old ways or yoyoing through good habit formation and mindset training.  The client is in control complete control of their diet and what habits to fix in order to meet their goals.  

As a Canberra Health Coach, I can also see people from all parts of Australia using zoom teleconferencing.

As well as coaching please feel free to read about current research in Nutrition and Diet.  I post about regularly in topics such as ‘Will I put weight on if I eat carbs?’ or ‘Does Eating by Blood Group Work?’


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy in our Canberra Health Coach Practice is to promote health and wellness through healthy eating and holistic health.  This is to support women’s self esteem, positive body image and confidence.

We want to support you making the right decisions for your health so that you can enjoy food and not worry about calorie counting or what you are eating.  Food should be enjoyable not a reward or punishment.

From the outset Kristin was extremely professional and thorough in determining not only my current eating habits but how I could make sustainable changes to my diet that fit with my lifestyle.
She prepared high workable meal plans which incorporated the foods that I enjoyed but combining them with more of the food groups that were missing, in receipes that look delicious and easy to prepare.
Kristin made excellent suggestions of things that I could supplement into my diet that would prove minimum effort but have a big impact on my health.  I was delighted with the service that I was provided and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Kristin!